Version 2 is smaller

Version 2 is done! Well almost. The Windows version zip file is a 4.3 MB compared to 46MB for the previous version. The Macintosh version zip file is 7.7MB compared to 34MB, the Mac is a Universal application

Why do I say “almost done”? Several have ask where is it? I would like to release it to the public but it need some more checking out. Testing has been an on going task. I have found a few problems, which have been fixed. One of the major one was to do with method done to calculate next schedule time for PM. PM due is normally figured out as service is updated. It’s still done that way, however sometime  with the adding, deleting and changing records things may get out of sync. A routine has been added that will go thru all the records and ‘rejuvenate’ PM due.

I have used PCs and Mac for testing, but as the Mac is not my primary computer I have not tested with a PC that much. And only with Windows 7.

If you would like to download and give it a try just let me know. I will email you information on how to download. After downloading you will need to keep me informed on how it is working or not working for you.


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